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The Spice Scribe

Are you involved in the Indian food industry?

I work variously and proactively with chefs, producers, pop-ups, supperclubs, food writers, streetfoodies and start-ups to help them do what they do, better!

I have an honest reputation to protect and build upon. So, if you see me supporting and endorsing a product, service or individual, you can guarantee that I genuinely believe it’s of a certain quality and is worthy of wider note.

Quite simply, I love seeing the people and brands I click with both thrive and prosper.

So what can we work together on? Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Fostering connections to other like-minded enterprises and individuals – you could call me a ‘business liason officer’, I prefer ‘Culinary Cupid’!
  • Copywriting and copyediting for packaging, menus, cookbooks, websites and promotional material
  • Cross-platform, multi-channel social media support
  • Reviewing new products and concepts throughout their development
  • Working with start-up enterprises as a small business ambassador
  • Promoting pop-ups and interesting food events and festivals
  • Providing supperclub Front-of-House service and general support
  • Events organisation and co-ordination
  • Creating brainstorming and strategising

Like what I do? If I like you too, maybe it’s high time we collaborated! Whatever you’re working on, get in touch with me and let’s talk…

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Things folks have said that make me turn red:

Cyrus Todiwala, ‘Incredible Spicemen‘ star & chef-patron, Cafe Spice Namaste, Assado & Mr. Todiwala’s Kitchen

‘Zoe’s enthusiasm, combined with her passion for all things culinary from the subcontinent, and impressive writing skills, makes for a potent, always positive mix. She is curious to learn more and spread the word about ingredients and cuisines that she newly discovers, such as the delights of Parsee cuisine, and the eating public is better for it.’

Vivek Singh, Executive Chef, Cinnamon Club, Cinnamon Kitchen and Cinnamon Soho

‘Zoe is the most enthusiastic Indo-phile I have come across in my life. Her boundless passion for India – the culture, its heritage, its food, and quite simply ‘all things Indian’ – is amazing. It’s not just her interest that’s commendable, but also her knowledge and deep understanding of regions, traditions, cuisines and spices.’

Anjum Anand, food writer and founder of The Spice Tailor sauce and condiment company

The level of Zoe’s knowledge of the Indian food world continually amazes me. She seems to know everyone and everything that is happening in it (and probably beyond). She is always happy to pitch in and to share information with others and is a wonderful and engaging writer. She currently writes the blog for the website for my gourmet sauce brand, The Spice Tailor.’ 

Manpreet Dhingra, owner, Cinnamon Culture

Zoe’s knowledge of Asian cuisine is vast & inspirational. Her understanding of trends on the ever-changing food scene is always spot-on. She thinks ahead, doesn’t shy from pushing the game, is open-minded and versatile. Her influence in terms of promoting Indian food to the general public cannot be overlooked.

In addition, her PR skills are second to none. It is not only her light and engaging writing style, skillful use of social media and personal connections that can bring a spotlight onto her clients, but most of all a true passion underlining her work and understanding of the trade’s behind-the-scenes that prove immediately useful in a day-to-day marketing.’

Aneesh Popat, chocolatier & entrepreneur, The Chocolatier

‘Zoe knows the British Indian food scene better than anyone I know – moreover knows the people behind the brands that she reviews and their stories too. Much like a bumblebee amidst a beautiful meadow she has helped enhance the industry by sharing her finds and connecting people – in doing so is actively shaping how we spice Britain.’

Chrissie Walker, founder and editor of and author of ‘Capital Spice

‘Zoe has a great reputation, particularly within the Indian food industry, as a skilled and respected writer. She has a wealth of knowledge of ingredients and dishes, and her experience of Indian chefs and restaurants is considerable. She has an accessible style of writing which allows her to educate, inform, and inspire in a humorous and light fashion.’ 

Jay Ghosh, co-owner and head chef, Potli

‘Zoe has been great to work with as she genuinely believes and understands the work she does. Her excitement is quite infectious and is quite an inspiration to chefs and foodies alike’.

Ivor Peters, author and chef, Urban Rajah

‘Zoe is a maven for all things laden with a culture of spice. She possesses an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and soaks up the subcontinent’s food heritage, both classic and contemporary, with the wide-eyed zeal of a Sufi. It’s not just her knowledge which sets her apart; it’s her ‘sleeves rolled-up’ approach to getting the job done with proud results, whether in the kitchen, with a written word, or simply being a bugle for the next big thing. Little wonder we snapped her up to join the Urban Rajah team!’

Angus Denoon, Jhalmuri Express, street food vendor featured as a city guide on ‘Rick Stein’s India’

‘Zoe has worked for Jhalmuri Express on a number of occasions and I would unreservedly recommend her. She is a pleasure to have around; works in a neat, reliable and tidy manner; has common sense and a feel for the food; and is enthusiastic and good with customers. She is self-motivated and does not need to be managed and massaged into action. Zoe may be English, but when it comes to matters of food, her heart is Asian.’

Jessica Ridgewell, Find Your Feet, UK-based charity

‘Zoe is our curry queen and fountain of all knowledge! What she doesn’t know about Indian food isn’t worth knowing. She has given her time and enthusiasm to support our charity campaign, Curry for Change, and it has been an absolute pleasure working with her – she’s always thinking of ideas to help drive the campaign forward, utilising her vast foodie network to encourage further support, and can whip up a punchy press release in no time at all! Since working on the campaign, I have met many restaurant owners, chefs, food writer, bloggers and curry lovers, and they all sing the praises of The Spice Scribe.’

Sanjay Aggarwal, Spice Kitchen, spice company 

‘I can’t praise and recommend Zoe highly enough. Spice Kitchen has rapidly transitioned from an idea on the back of a cigarette packet a kitchen table enterprise to a viable artisan business, thanks in part to Zoe’s input.

‘Rarely do you come across someone who can wear so many hats well, and for us she has been (to mention a few) a consistent supporter, knowledge bank, connector, proofreader, drinking partner, blog writer, spice-tester, and all-round ball of enthusiasm for Spice Kitchen. She understands social media and how to engage with an audience, but fundamentally she is an absolute passionate oracle on Indian cuisine and culture, and this makes her completely unique. 

‘Through Zoe I have made connections to, and engaged with, lots of other artisan companies, business owners and foodies; all of whom have helped me develop Spice Kitchen into a thriving business.’

Gina McAdam, director, Stratemarco – strategic, technical and marketing communications company

‘Zoe’s sparky, intelligent journalism and inventive turn of phrase deserve the widest audience possible. Don’t let them miss out, Zoe, keep going! ‘

Asif Walli, Duke of Delhi, gourmet edibles company

‘Zoe took the time to properly research my products and brand, revising and revitalising my press releases and communications. She helped to champion my brand through not only social media, but also via word of mouth to her wide network of like-minded peers. The great thing about Zoe is that she promotes products she genuinely likes and believes in.

Through Zoe, I have met a whole multitude of other entrepreneurs, all of whom have nothing but good words to say about her. She even facilitated a connection for me which enabled me to bake for Vivek Singh’s Michelin-starred Cinnamon Club. Zoe’s skills and knowledge are real assets to have at your disposal.’ 

Sabbir Karim, Chef Patron, Namaaste Kitchen & Salaam Namaste

‘Zoe has a good knowledge and a firm grip on the Indian catering industry and good contacts in the circuit. Her writing regularly covers upcoming restaurant food trends, useful for both consumers and professionals.
Zoe is known to the media and is well-connected to food critics and writers. Her assistance was very valuable in organising and obtaining coverage for the relaunch of my award-winning Bloomsbury restaurant, Salaam Namaste.’


Mike Tattershall, Indie Ices, artisan kulfi company

‘Where do I start? Zoe is my go-to girl for discovering what’s new and important in the worlds of both Indian food and culture. She never disappoints in her detail, knowledge and humour – as demonstrated in all her writing. I have come to value the contacts and pointers she has given me, and I can sincerely say that no-one is better connected or open in her efforts to get folk working together.

‘Zoe’s contacts have helped progress my business, as have her writing and editorial skills; which I employed for my own website. Typical of the star she is, the job was done with speed, skill and craft – making the collaboration both a pleasure and a success. ‘

4 responses to “Work with me!

  1. Hi , will u work with an ex investment banker / foodie who gave up his day job and opened a Pakistani restaurant in Switzerland ….. I guess not … 😦


  2. Well Zoe. What did you expect from your readers other than what everyone say about you?
    Don’t let those words got to you though!
    You are now our ambassador to promote South Asian Food as the cuisine of choice and the cuisine that more young Brits got to look towards to make a career within, where The Sky is the Limit.
    Have fun and wish you all success you deserve


    • Cyrus, should you ever spot my head looking oversized I am fully relying on you to come at my with a pin and burst my inflated ego! Knowing people trust me to do a job well means I must remain faithful to that – comments like these are an incentive to do more and better. 😀


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