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Zoe Perrett The Spice Scribe

I’m Zoe Perrett – also trading under the alias of The Spice Scribe. I’m a food writer and glutton specialising in all aspects of Indian cuisine. Based just outside of London, sharing  a tiny cottage with thousands of cookbooks and spice cupboards full to bursting, I’m on a perpetual quest for edible knowledge in the form of chefs, people, restaurants, products and enterprises small and large that challenge the narrow perceptions of such a vastly diverse food culture.

Through blogging and my journalism I’ve built up relationships with an amazingly diverse collection of individuals involved in the Indian food scene, from fellow writers, eaters and home cooks; supperclub hosts and cookery teachers; right through to legendary and garlanded chefs and foodie authorities.

Many have become friends, and a  good handful have recruited me to work with them; copyediting cookbooks, waitressing at pop-up events, writing press releases, consulting on menus and social media, supporting Find Your Feet as a Curry For Change champion, facilitating business introductions… generally helping talented folks get the recognition they so rightly deserve.

Without this little lot, life would certainly lack that vital spice. Their collective enthusiasm and generosity keeps me perpetually motivated to learn and discover. Provided they keep feeding and teaching me so well, I’m happy to share it with you.

*** According to Waitrose Kitchen magazine, ‘Culinary Adventures of The Spice Scribe‘ is a ‘Blog to Watch’ ***

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*** And, if you’re a ‘Cocoa Nut‘ like me, check out my chocolate blog, ‘Culinary Adventures of The Cocoa Nut‘! ***



5 responses to “About Me

  1. Dear Zoe,
    In your bog dated 25/10/2012 on Diwali – The Sweetest Excuse For The Mithai Addict
    You gave reference to a quality Staple Supplier called “Nirala”; can you please confirm the address of the Nirala you were referring to (re: “rich, sunset-hued besan barfi and the divine manpassand and patisa”. I would love to see if it is “the Nirala” where the round Swirly Whirly Patisa Candy is sooo moreish.
    Many Thanks,


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