Why Spice Kitchen is supporting charity campaign Curry For Change

Spice Kitchen Sanjay Shashi Aggarwal

Entrepreneur Sanjay Aggarwal doesn’t only excel in his role as ingredient company Spice Kitchen’s main Spice Boy; he’s also a passed master when it comes to getting people all excited about pretty much anything that takes his fancy.

Sanjay’s boundless enthusiasm for almost everything in life is seemingly limitless and  highly infectious. So when Curry For Change appointed Spice Kitchen as its new spice sponsor for 2018, the charity campaign unwittingly got itself a two-for-one deal: excellent ingredients for its fundraising packs, and a zealous advocate…

Spice Kitchen masala dabbas spice tins

How did you first hear about – and get involved with – Curry For Change?

I’ve been following Curry For Change’s work since mum, dad and I established Spice Kitchen back in 2013. We got to know what the charity campaign was all about through Indian chefs we’d started working with who were also involved in the campaign.

Then, a few months ago, the team announced they were seeking a new spice sponsor, and said we’d been recommended by several people. I was delighted to be asked, and accepted immediately! It’s so good to be able to personally support such a worthwhile cause, but also use our small family business as a vehicle to back charitable causes.

Curry For Change Logo

One of Curry For Change’s key methods of fundraising is to encourage people to host a charity supperclub in their own home, and this year Spice Kitchen’s wares are in the event pack. What can people expect?

We’ve created some lovely spice sets to enable people to cook all sorts of curries and Indian dishes for their friends and family. The freshness of our blends will absolutely lift the end flavours of the dishes supperclub hosts create – we’ve included all the essential Indian spices, which means people can hit the ground running!

You and your mum have hosted vast supperclubs for the likes of Ebay – what kinds of dishes would you recommend budding Curry For Change supperclub hosts put on their menus?

I would certainly try to include some simple vegetarian dishes, many of which don’t take any time at all and taste so good – from warming North Indian chana masala, to delicately-spiced thorans from the South, to that universally-loved dish: daal.

Sanjay and Shashi Aggarwal Spice Kitchen

You’re used to being in the kitchen, but if you were a guest instead, which chef would you want cooking?

It would have to be Cyrus Todiwala. I love his cooking and the interesting Parsi influences from his upbringing. But I would want to be in the kitchen too… soaking up his knowledge!

So that’s the chef, but who would you have around the dinner table?

Oh wow, tough choice! But I think it would have to be my immediate family – parents and siblings and all my nieces and nephews. It’s rare that we are all together, and so it’d be another of those extra-special occasions I’ll remember forever.

  • Spice Kitchen is Curry For Change’s partnered spice supplier
  • Want to host your own Curry For Change supperclub? To apply for your free event pack, click here
  • Curry For Change has a range of key events running throughout October. For more information on the charity campaign and to find out how to get involved, click here

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