Curry For Change: How to get involved with the food poverty charity campaign

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Jointly run by Find Your Feet and Health Poverty Action, the Curry For Change charity campaign has long been a cause that’s close to my heart (and, given my notorious love for Indian food, close to my stomach too).

Whatever dish that oft-contentious word suggests to you, there are few who don’t enjoy ‘a good curry’ – and fewer still who don’t enjoy sharing a great meal with friends and family. Make that meal a means of raising funds to tackle food poverty a la Curry For Change, and you’ve got the very definition of ‘winner dinner.’

Find Your Feet Curry for Change charity community India

Curry For Change is all about offering partnered communities in Asia and Africa a hand up, not a hand-out; equipping individuals with the skills, knowledge and funds to establish projects which ensure their ongoing food security for themselves, their families and their villages.

And this October, there’s even more to relish: Curry For Change’s previously-London-centric campaign activities have spread nationwide, restaurant activity will now also incorporate smaller food businesses and street food, and the focus has widened to include ‘curries’ of all descriptions from all over the world, not just India.


Curry For Change logo Find  Your Feet charity

The campaign takes place throughout October and you – yes, you, who from merely reading the word ‘curry’ already have a visceral urge to be mopping up a spicy sauce with a piece of fluffy naan – can play a big part in the campaign’s success.

How? Well, by indulging that craving in the following ways…

Damn Good Curry supperclub

  1. EAT IN
    Keen cooks can apply for a free Curry For Change event pack (which includes spices from my mate Sanjay at Spice Kitchen), invite your nearest and dearest for a dinner party, and ask your guests to donate the amount they’d splash on their usual curryhouse korma to the cause. Need #recipeinspo? It’s all here.
    For full details, click here

    Talli Joe Indian restaurant Sameer Taneja Shaftesbury Avenue London ex Benares chef

  2. EAT OUT
    Can’t cook, won’t cook? Don’t cook. Instead, eat out in one of Curry For Change’s partner restaurants, which will then donate a percentage of the bill or the cost of a dish on your behalf. With venues like Cafe Spice Namaste, Cinnamon Club and Talli Joe on board, you’re in for both innovative food and superior service.
    For full details, click here

    Maunika Gowardhan Cook In A Curry Indian Kitchen chef

    Maunika Gowardhan

    Or you can learn to turn your culinary calamities into MasterChef-worthy meals by signing up to one of the Curry For Change cookery classes hosted by spice queens including Mridula Baljekar, Brinda Bungaroo and Maunika Gowardhan; demonstrating everything from Mauritian food to Diwali banquets.
    For full details, click here

    Darjeeling Express residency Asma Khan

    Asma Khan’s puchkas

    Held in central London on 30 October, this self-proclaimed ‘gastronomic and cultural journey around the world’ promises to be a delicious night out, involving welcome drinks and food from a trio of top talent comprised of Darjeeling Express’s Asma Khan, MasterChef 2018 semi-finalist Nisha Parmar, and recipe app founder Hari Ghotra. 100% of the night’s proceeds will go to Curry For Change, so be sure to bid generously in the silent auction.For full details and tickets, click here
  • For more information on the Curry for Change campaign and to sign up to receive your free kit, click here
  • To read about Curry For Change champion Maunika Gowardhan’s ‘Indian Kitchen’ cookbook, click here
  • For a spiced chocolate cheesecake recipe to make for a Curry For Change event, click here

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