My life in Indian food: Food writer Monisha Bharadwaj

Cooking with Monisha Bharadwaj Indian chef interview

Elegant, poised, and a brilliant chef of many years’ experience, Monisha Bharadwaj is quite the culinary force to be reckoned with. Whether it’s teaching eager pupils in her own cookery school, leading food walks of Southall, or imparting her wisdom via the printed word, she’s a generous and expert guide to all things Indian food.

You’ve had your fair share of career highlights – one of the most recent?

The publication of my new book, The Indian Cookery Course, because I really enjoyed writing a big book which will truly serve as a masterclass to anyone who wants to cook Indian food.

Favourite place you’ve eaten Indian food?

My friend Sunil’s home in Mumbai, where his cook made us Sindhi chicken, kadhi, aloo tuk and sai bhaji. I’ve always maintained that nothing can beat the taste of good home-made food.

Favourite place for non-Indian food?

The Bath Priory – on my last visit I had seared scallops, Cornish cod, and bitter chocolate ginger snap with Earl Grey ice-cream. All divine!

The fellow Indian foodies you’d like to pour praise upon?

Food writer Mridula Baljekar, who is about to launch her chutneys. I know how passionate she has been about her venture for the past couple of years.


The Indian dish you cook the most?

Probably some sort of dal.

What exciting plans do you have in the pipeline?

I’m continuing to grow Cooking With Monisha – my London-based cookery school – and building on the success of my new book.

Which Indian chef would you crown your culinary king or queen?

Manoj Vasaikar of Indian Zing in Hammersmith. He is constantly innovating whilst keeping true to regional Indian traditions, and has kept his business strong and vibrant through these very turbulent times of staff shortages and a fluctuating economy.

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