My 2016 in Indian food: Momtaz Begum-Hossain, editor and blogger

Momtaz Begum Hossain Asiana

Whirlwind woman Momtaz Begum-Hossain spends her days juggling roles as Editorial Director for Asiana Wedding Magazine and Asiana, blogging on food, fashion, travel, culture and craft, roving the globe in search of new adventures, and maintaining some of the most marvellous (and colourful) hairstyles in the business.

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Favourite Indian place you ate at?

The all-you-can-eat Friday night Sri Lankan hopper buffet at the Rising Sun Hotel in West London, based around bowl-shaped rice and coconut batter pancakes served with various sauces and accompaniments. It’s just £12.95, the food is authentic and delicious, and there’s live music. The resident hopper chef makes fresh hoppers while you wait, which is great fun to watch. I went with a group and everyone loved the food – there were three Sri Lankan diners with us all who said the food was ‘proper’, and there’s no better recommendation than that.

Favourite non-Indian place you ate at?

Can I say abroad? I went to Thailand over the summer and every single pad Thai I tried was exceptional. It was so good I just wanted to eat it all the time – ever since I’ve been back it’s still on my mind. I’ve just not found one in London that tastes as fresh or as yummy.

London Chaiparty Indian tapas and craft beer ale pairing Islington pub pop-up supperclub

London Chaiparty

The fellow Indian foodies who’ve done great things?

The London Chaiparty girls, who’ve gone from running supper clubs to catering for lots of different events. They always sell out, and their menus are consistently special and filled with passion. I went to their Indian afternoon tea back in May for my sister’s birthday and everything tasted fantastic. I really want to try their Bengali feast.

The Indian dish you’ve cooked the most this year?

Chana masala, this and every year! It’s my fall back dish: come home, pop the rice cooker on, fry up some onions, add a can of chickpeas and some spices, and it’s good to go! I hope I never get bored of it.

Who would you crown your Indian chef of the year?

Harjeet Singh, head chef at the recently re-opened Bombay Palace in South Kensington. He has revolutionised Indian vegetarian dining with varied, original menus. You have to try his exceptional tandoori soya – after I turned vegetarian aged 14, the only dish I ever missed was tandoori chicken, so this dish with naan and salad is my ultimate lunch. Nothing has ever come as close to this dish as Harjeet’s creation. If only other chefs cared as much about vegetarian diners.

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