Curry For Change Week: Seven days of spice heaven


If your most charitable curry-related act to date has been sharing a spoonful of your takeaway with a hungry housemate, it’s time to do a little better – and, in doing so, better the lives of those in need.

We all know that sharing is caring. And, during Find Your Feet’s annual Curry For Change Week, breaking biryani with your nearest and dearest (or indeed, complete strangers) will ensure that some of the one in nine people who currently head to bed hungry won’t have to do so.

Find Your Feet is a diminutive charity that takes a sustainable ‘hand-up, not hand-out’ approach to help those living in poverty to stand on their own two feet; making a big difference by enabling those in its partner communities in India, Malawi, Nepal and Zimbabwe to improve their own lives.

Curry for Change Find Your Feet charity rural community women

Amongst FYF’s many activities, Curry For Change is perhaps the most delicious prospect. Taking place from 21-28 November, the campaign calls upon top Indian chefs and Desi food fans alike to help raise both awareness and funds – the latter whose sum will be doubled by campaign sponsor Natco Foods. And, with the likes of Vivek Singh, Atul Kochhar and Cyrus Todiwala offering spicy advice and enticing recipes, it’s not hard to get involved.

Keen? Following the following four steps will result in a full belly and a full heart: start by sending off for your Curry For Change fundraising kit; invite a date, your mates, your family or your colleagues over for a cracking curry; cook up a spice-fuelled storm; and, finally, ask your hopefully-happy diners to donate the cost of a typical takeaway to a very worthy cause.

A fine feast

Click the dish name to view the full recipe on the Curry For Change website

For starters

Cyrus Todiwala’s Kaanda bhajias Real-deal onion bhajis that are a country mile away from the takeaway kind

The main event

Vivek Singh’s Spice-crusted tilapia with kokum curry A very sophisticated spin on what one might call ‘curry’

Chilli & Mint’s Maharashtrian stuffed aubergines A hearty veggie dish that might just convert the carnivores

A bit on the side

Anjali Pathak’s Paneer & roasted beetroot salad A colourful, unconventional salad to freshen up the feast

Mallika Basu’s Peas pilau A curryhouse classic made properly and simply – and altogether deliciously

A fine finale

My Bombay Bad Boy chocolate cheesecake Sweet, spicy, and very, very nice. It’s all about that base…

Can’t cook, won’t cook?


 …Then slope off to one of these supperclubs, and eat, drink and make merry safe in the knowledge you’re still playing your part raising cash for the cause. 

21 Nov: Darjeeling Express’s Memories of India

Asma Khan kicks off Curry For Change Week by making a meal of things at Bird of Smithfield, her mouthwatering menu combining Bengali, Bihari & Hyderabadi classics. As always, expect to eat well in terms of both quality and quantity – Asma is a feeder and you won’t mind one bit.

Click here to book

25 Nov: Raastawala’s Parkside Social takeover

Head to southeast London venue Parkside Social to try street treats from northeast India. Raastawala‘s five-course sit-down supper includes momos, beetroot chops, and a very sweet finale indeed in the form of that irresistible sweet Bengali yogurt, mishi doi.

Click here to book

  • To sign up for your free Curry For Change fundraising pack and spices, click here
  • To read more about why I created the Bombay Bad Boy chocolate cheesecake for the cause, click here
  • For inspiration on hosting a regional Indian curry night, click here
  • To read about why Find Your Feet & Curry For Change is close to my heart, click here

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