My 5 fave Indian-esque chocolate Easter treats

At Easter, it’s easy for Indian food fans to get an ample dose of sugar, spice and all things nice in hot cross bun form. But when it comes to chocolate, those with a taste for the exotic don’t always have an egg to stand on. Feast on these five to add a subtle subcontinental accent to your celebrations.

Zotter ‘Chicken Dance’ Hand-scooped Bar

Zotter chicken dance Easter hand-scoooped choclate bar

I can’t explain the strange name, but I can clue you into the fact that Josef Zotter is the Austrian answer to Willy Wonka, and produces 365 of his weirdly wonderful creations at any one time. Taken from bean right through to bar in his fantastical factory, the dark chocolate encloses layers of tongue-tingling dark chocolate and sour-sharp berry ganache.

  • Available from Zotter, £3.50

Artisan du Chocolat Tiger Tropicana tin with mini eggs

Artisan du Chocolat tin tiger filled with chocolate mini eggs pralines ganaches Easter

British artist Bibi King-Harman’s roaringly good illustration means you’ll want to hang onto this vibrant tin long after you’ve munched the many mini eggs contained within. Fine dark chocolate shells are filled with flavours including smoked salt marcona almond praline, peppered strawberry and balsamico coulis, fresh mint caramel, hazelnut praline and rich dark chocolate ganache.

Lick The Spoon Moonstone Easter egg

Lick the Spoon Bronde caramel salted truffles chocolate Easter egg hand-painte

This lustrous metallic number would be equally fit for an ancient Moghul court or a thoroughly modern Maharajah or Maharani. Hewn from Lick the Spoon’s very own small-batch, bean-to-bar ‘Bronde’ chocolate (think Caramac with a college education), this egg is part of the company’s ArtNouvO collection and has the added draw of a drawerful of shimmering salted caramel chocolates.

Booja Booja Hand-painted Easter truffle box

Booja Booja fairtrade ethical organic £24.95 Hazelnut crunch chocolate truffle eggs handpainted Kashmir Booja Booja

These glorious wooden Easter eggs are the product of a decade-long relationship betwixt Booja Booja and The Persian Dowry. The latter India-based, community-focused organisation provides sustainable employment to the 150 Kashmiri artists who hand-paint each of the ovoids before they’re hand-filled with a dozen decadent truffles back at Booja Booja’s British base.

The Chocolate Society Coconut Easter egg

The Chocolate Society Coconut Easter Egg

South Indian cooks are completely crazy for coconut, but they don’t often combine it with chocolate. The Chocolate Society’s edible ode to the ingredient it so faithfully replicates is the ideal introduction to a pairing that’s nothing short of perfection, Made from fine Valrhona chocolate, it comes accompanied by half-a-dozen fresh coconut truffles whose inclusion only adds to the allure.

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