A Diwali to die for – unbeatable eats, treats and gifts

Delhish mixed mithai kaju Indian sweets Oxfordshire

If you’re planning truly decadent Diwali celebrations on 11th November, it’s not enough to simply light up the night with the brightest fireworks in the neighbourhood and ignite a load of diyas to guide Rama and Sita home safely.

No – you want your guests’ eyes to light up as they alight on the sumptuous sweetmeats and scrumptious savouries set out before them. You want divine decorations and drinks to die for. You want to give your nearest and dearest gifts that make them feel luckier than Lakshmi (and let them know you have great taste to boot). In short, you want to take a good long look at the very cool items on the Diwali hotlist below.

The big fat bumper box

The Spice Collective Hamper

Spice Collective hamper Indian food gift Christmas Diwali

A hamper’s not just for Christmas – especially when it’s as stuffed with spicy stuff as Spice Collective’s. Everything included has an Indian accent, from the cookbook to the chocolate; the chutney to the chevdo. Bringing together brilliant brands like Holy Lama Spice Drops, Dips, Cheeky Food Co. and Spice Kitchen, it’s a full-on festival in a box.

Tongue Ticklers

That Hungry Chef Chilli, Mint & Coriander Relish

That Hungry Chef Chilli Coriander and Mint relish

It’s a safe bet you’ll eat more than your fair share of snacks this Diwali – and equally certain that many will be made even lovelier with a smear of this here relish. Mild yet wild, it’s absolutely addictive.

Delhish Indian Snack Mix

Delhish savoury snack mix chevdo Oxford artisan Dipesh Patel

Give standard chevdo the heave-ho and try Delhish’s not-Bombay mix instead. A finger-licking, crunchilicious combo of nuts, lentils, chilli, flaked corn, split chickpeas, puffed rice, spice and all things nice.

Cheeky Food Co. Tickly Tamarind Chutney

Tickly Tamarind Chutney Cheeky Food Co. Swati Biswal

Create conversation with your chaat with one simple trick – a trickle of this tangy tamarind chutney. At once sweet, sour and spicy, it’s a beautifully-balanced, fourth-generation recipe for success.

Sweet Treats

Delhish Mixed Kaju Mithai

Delhish mixed mithai kaju Indian sweets Oxfordshire

Cashew-based, marzipan-like kaju sweets are auspicious and delicious Diwali gifts – and Delhish’s handmade-in-Britain box contains a range of silver-dusted styles with substance.

The Chocolatier Vaara truffles

The Chocolatier Vaara truffles chocolate rose quince honey water ganache Aneesh Popat

Inside these tempting truffles’ dark coating, mellow milk chocolate meets Asian rose, English quince, Bourbon vanilla and honey. A treat fit for – and initially made for – a Maharajah.

Sari Cakes Fruitcake

Sari cakes Indian paisley pattern fruitcake luxury eggless

The bling shouldn’t stop with your Diwali sari. This fabulously OTT creation will steal the show at any gourmet gathering – and the rich fruitcake tastes every bit as good as it looks.

East India Company Saffron & Rose White Chocolate Thins

East India Company rose saffron white chocolate thins limited edition

The combination of sweet, creamy white chocolate with fragrant rose and hand-gathered Persion saffron calls to mind kheer. These are evocative, intriguing, and unashamedly indulgent.

Bollywood Party Chocolate decorations

Bollywood Party Cupcake Toppers Colorful Paisley Chocolates for Bollywood Theme Shower, Wedding, Shaadi, Diwali Celebration, Mehndi Favors Etsy

A double dozen chocolate paisleys in various shimmering shades to use as you choose – from popping atop freshly-baked cupcakes to scattering on the dining table as fine-flavoured favours.

Diya Cookie Cutter

Limited Edition Exclusive Diwali Diya Festival Cookie Cutters patented Etsy Indian festival by Two Dolls

Your cookies will look smart if you whip them into shape with this unusual stainless steel Diwali diya cutter – and so will you when you serve up a platter of beautifully festive biscuits.

Body & Soul

All of Manish Arora’s designs have an aura about them, but this gold necklace is extra-excellent. Featuring gingerbread charms and Swarovski studded crescents, you’ll want one for yourself.

Holy Lama Naturals Massage Oil Set

Holy Lama Naturals massage oil boon set India beauty

Aside from sensational Spice Drops, Holy Lama purveys wholly brilliant bodycare bits like this quartet of massage oils; each one delivering different benefits to both body and mind.

A Personal guide to India and Bhutan by Christine Manfield

A Personal Guide to India and Nepal travel book Penguin Christine Manfield

This compact guide is equally at home bunged in a backpack or on the shelf of an ardent armchair traveller; the author offering endlessly-engaging insight into the eponymous countries.

Featuring enamelwork, clashing colours, and gemstones galore, these gold earrings should only be worn by one who’s loud and proud as Manish Arora’s gloriously-garish design.


Bombay Electric Hand-Painted Mirror

Bombay Electric Handpainted mirror Indian Nepali

Perfect for those who need a helping ‘hand’ getting ready. Funky and functional, this hand-painted wooden mirror comes from a craft co-op that helps Nepalese women earn extra income.

Paper Haveli Hand-made Gift Wrap

normal_elephant-parade-handmade-gift-wrap-set Paper Haveli hathis Indian Not On The High Street

Don’t just give a gorgeous gift – seal the deal by wrapping it in colourful block-printed elephant-laden paper, made from cotton offcuts to a seventeenth-century Indian technique

Piccadelhi Chai Cups Tea Towel

Piccadelhi Chai Cups clay print tea towel gift Indian textiles

Whether it’s used to dry dishes or has pride of place as a piece of wall art, this tea towel is a real treat, featuring a bold geometric print of precariously stacked clay chai cups.

Pricey but nice-y. It’s not just an attractive object; this shaped brass box opens up to hold all the bits and pieces for paan – or whatever other knick knacks need a handy home.

Playful Indian Hungry Indian Coasters

Playful Indian coaster set Hungry food cartoons homeware gifts

These are coasters for the hosts with the most. Whether they’re ‘your cuppa chai’ or ‘the chilli to your paneer’, get the message across in a super-cute yet perfectly practical manner.

Paper Posies Colour Pop Flower

normal_orange-colour-pop-paper-flower Eternal Lotus Paper Posies Not On The High Street

Lotus flowers denote beauty, fertility, prosperity, spirituality and eternity. These hand-made, hand-drawn paper flowers are all unique and  can come in any colour you choose.

Brocade money envelopes

Tohfaa silk brocade money envelope Indian jewels Etsy

Bring on the bling! Bestow one of these bejewelled, boldly-coloured statement silk cash envelopes upon anyone who likes to flash the cash and needs somewhere to stash it.

Bombay Electric Cheerharan Roll

Cheeharan roll Indian cartoon toilet roll Bombay Electric

Toiletries might be a common gift, but toilet paper?? If it’s Design Temple’s humorous stuff, it’s entirely acceptable. ‘Cheerharan’  (stripping of the sari) references a famous 4th-century Indian epic.

Diwali drinking

Old Port East Indian Rum

old-port-east-indian-rum Master of Malt

Smooth, dark and rich. It’s not a Bollywood star, it’s this rum. Double-filtered through charcoal, its complex character speaks of molasses, brown sugar, spicy vanilla, wood, coffee and pepper.

East India Co. Rose Cordial

East India Company rose cordial

Whether your guests drink until they teeter or are totally teetotal, this scented syrup is a handy standby; its floral flavour equally at home in a cocktail or something somewhat softer.

Jaz and Jul’s Masala Mojo Drinking Chocolate

Jaz and Juls hot chocolate masala mojo luxury

Love Dishoom’s chocolate chai? Try Jaz & Jul’s supremely indulgent hot choc, laced with the creators’ signature spice blend and based on great-quality Madagascan chocolate.

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