Terrific tiranga – The best tricolour recipes for Indian Independence Day

On 15th August, expect to see a an awful lot of white, green and orange. It’s not an oddly-coloured Aurora Borealis on the calendar; rather, Indian Independence Day. Since 1947, the cry of ‘Jai Hind’ echoes around the country on this day, marking the date on which India became independent of the British Empire.

Celebrations incorporate flag-hoisting, film-watching, song-singing and, as you’d expect, a fair bit of food. If you’re planning a feast and you like a theme as much as I do, mix and match these tiranga-coloured recipes to create a menu inspired by the Indian national flag.

Want to eat what you’re eyeing? Click the dish names or images below to view the full recipes…


The starter

Tasty’s Indian Recipes’ vibrant Dhokla

Tasty Indian Recipes Tiranga-Dhokla-Recipe

The main

Raindrops Basmati Rice’s triple-decker pilau

Raindrops Basmati Rice Tiranga Pilau

The dessert

Zee Khana Khazana’s beautifully-bright dry fruits Barfi

Zee Khana Khazana tiranga barfi burfi sweet Indian


The starter

KO Rasoi’s absolutely addictive Sizzling Chilli Idli

KO Rasoi Sanjana sizzling chilli Idli Indian recipe

The main

Maunika Gowardhan’s tangy Konkani Sour Mango Prawn Curry

Maunika Gowardhan Cook in a Curry Konkani Prawn Sour Mango Curry

The dessert

Veg Recipes of India’s glowing Gajar Halwa

Veg Recipes of India Dassana Amit gajar halwa dessert

The drink

Veg Recipes of India’s refreshing Mango Mastani

Dassana Amit Veg Recipes of India mango-mastani-recipe


The starter

Dassana Amit’s gluten-free tapioca pearl Sabundana Bhel

sabudana-bhel recipe Veg Recipes of India Dassana Amitl

The main

Dassana Amit’s fit-for royalty Mughlai Shahi Paneer Korma 

Veg Recipes of India Dassana Amir mughlai-shahi-paneer-korma-recipe

The Dessert

Maunika Gowardhan’s aromatic Rose, Cardamom & Pistachio Ice Cream

Cook in a Curry Maunika GowardhanPistachio-rose-cardamom-ice-cream recipe

The drink

KO Rasoi’s self-proclaimed ‘Ultimate’ Savoury Lassi

KO Rasoi ultimate savoury Lassis Indian drink recipe


The starter

Dassana Amit’s light’n’lovely Lemon Coriander Rasam

Veg Recipe of India Dassana Amit lemon-coriander-rasam-recipe

The main

Perzen Patel’s perfect Parsi fish dish, Patra ni Machchi

Patra ni Machchi Parsi fish recipe Bawi Bride Perzen Patel

The dessert

KO Rasoi’s culture-clashing Chocolate Pandan Burfi

KO Rasoi pandan chocolate barfi burfi Indian swweet recipe mithai

The drink

Mellow’n’Spicy’s tangy and hyper-hydrating raw mango Aam Panna

Mellow and Spicy Aam panna green mango indian drink recipe

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Image credits: All recipe images from the corresponding namechecked blogs – click the images to view the original posts, get the full recipes, and visit the sites.

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