Munch an Indian brunch… in your own home

Thiru Anathapuram South Indian Kerala restaurant East Ham London by Momtaz Begum Hossain egg appams hoppers

Weekdays are all about breakneck breakfasts. You know the sort – a few spoons of instant oatmeal or an overpriced pastry that’s bolted at desk, leaving telltale trail crumbs littering your keyboard to taunt your still-rumbling tummy until the bland sandwich at lunchtime.

But Saturdays and Sundays are for slowing down; merging the first two meals of the day into that thoroughly pleasing portmanteau: brunch. If that meal appeals, then you’ll go wild for an Indian-style spread.

Idle over idlis, dilly dally over dosai, unwind over upma, putter over pittu, or catch up over kichuri – plan your spread wisely, eat well, yawn widely, then head back to bed and treat yourself to a good long post-prandial nap.

The cookbook

Maunika Gowardhan’s ‘Indian Kitchen

Indian Kitchen Maunika Gowardhan Hodder and Stoughton Indian cookbook recipes

Whether you grew up with authentic Indian food or came to it later in life, Maunika Gowardhan’s Indian Kitchen will have you rushing to your own culinary salon quicksmart to rustle up a big ole brunch. Think spongy, soft khaman dhokla, scrambled paneer to serve with crisp toast triangles, Mumbai sandwiches, potato burger-like dabeli, masala omelettes, savoury semolina upma, and flaked spiced rice with potatoes. You’ll want to make everything – so ensure your table has strong legs and a large surface area.

To read more about ‘Indian Kitchen’, click here

The easy way

Papi’s Pickles Big Stacks

Papi's Pickles Big Stack Farmdrop South Indian Sri Lankan meals mackerel sambal coconut rice aubergine green bean thoran semolina kitchadi

Whether you opt for a South Indian or Sri Lankan stack, Papi’s packs a lot of satisfaction into a few plastic pots. The menus might not be typical brunch fare, but it’s fair to say the dishes would be delightfully received at any time of day. In the former, you’ll find semolina kitchadi, devilled aubergines and green bean thoran; the latter will make a platter of coconut rice, mackerel sambal and aubergine curry. Just heat’n’eat – or, if you can’t wait to be replete, skip the second step and enjoy as is.

£8 – available on selected days through Farmdrop – for more info click here

The Recipes

K.O. Rasoi

Kadala curry chickpea Kerala Dassana Amit Veg Recipes of India breakfast recipe vegetarian

Sanjana’s Masala poori

Brit-born, Indian-and East-African-rooted Sanjana is a complete culinary badass when it comes to brunch or indeed any other meal. Steal slick style ideas from her pretty plating, but don’t just look – cook! Keep carbs firmly on the menu, and say hello to aloo parathasmini masala dosa, and masala pooris served alongside heaping helpings of Gujarati potato-cashew curry. Loosen your belt, add piles of bottlegourd dumplings and Tanzanian donuts to the mix, and wash it all down with lashings of cardamom chai.

Follow Sanjana on Twitter @KORasoi

Veg Recipes of India

Kadala curry chickpea Kerala Dassana Amit Veg Recipes of India breakfast recipe vegetarian

Dassana’s Kadala curry & pittu

Whether your eyes are bigger than your belly, the two are of similar sizes, or the latter is larger, Dassana’s vast recipe remit will sate your appetite for Indian brunch ideas. Her dedicated ‘breakfast’ section includes around one hundred and fifty dishes and, whilst there’s an emphasis on awfully authentic items like Keralite kadala and pittu and Sindhi pakwan, this cook doesn’t shy away from convenience. Want to know how to make instant oats dosa or whip up upma in the microwave? Dassana is your woman.

Follow Dassana on Twitter @Dassana

Cook In A Curry

Maunika Gowardhan Papeta per eda Parsi fried eggs with spicy onion cumin and chilli Cook in a Curry recipe Indian breakfast

Maunika’s Kanda papeta per eda

Before Maunika published her Magnum Opus cookbook, Indian Kitchen, she showcased her skills and culinary heritage through the recipes and stories on her blog. Love egg and chips? Pop on a pan of Parsi-style kanda papeta per eda. Or use those eggs to make masala omelettes and spicy scrambles. Breadhead? Keep it light and lean with cornbread-like, curry leaf-strewn, steamed khaman dhokla, or plan a sinful spread with a menu led by deep-fried potato-stuffed bread pakoda and Mumbai chilli cheese sarnies.

Follow Maunika on Twitter @cookinacurry

Deena Kakaya

Deena Kakaya's Gajar halwa porridge with agave nectar Indian breakfast

Deena’s Gajar halwa porridge

Deena’s dishes are not the norm. Don’t expect anything unadulterated, because this lady likes to tweak, twist and turn a classic comestible into something entirely her own; almost always incorporating Indian flavours. If a brunch with punchy flavours is on the agenda, Deena’s recipes deliver. For an eye-opening, sense-awakening spread, prepare pancakes with Courgette, butternut squash and gram flour or Apple, yogurt, lime and cardamomSpinach, ricotta, saffron and fennel cakes; and Gajar halwa porridge.

Follow Deena on Twitter @deenakakaya

The gear

If you want to make incredible idli, perfect patra AND divine dhokla, you should get…

3-in-1-Idli-Dhokla-Patra-Steamer Indian cooking equipment kitchen Spices of India

A 3-in-1 idli, dhokla and patra steamer and handi!

If you’re partial to paratha or want to chomp chapattis, you should get…

Tala chapatti fluffer dough Indian Divertimenti

A chappati fluffer!

Tala chapatti rolling pin velan Indian Divertimenti

…And a stylish velan!

If you want to make use of the microwave, you should get…

Microwave-Idli-Maker Spices of India cooking equipment

A microwave idli-maker!

If you’re dotty about dosa, you should get…

Breville electric crepe maker pan plate Divertimenti pancake dosa

An electric crêpe maker!

If you’re crazy about coconut chutney, you should get…

Coconut-Scraper Spices of India equipment kitchen gadget Indian

A coconut scraper!

Brunching for a cause


If you’ve got the brunch bug and need an excuse to lay on an Indian spread, invite guests to gather and chow down for a cause. From now until October, Find Your Feet’s #CurryForChange fundraising campaign in calling for at-home hosts to feed friends and collect some cash for the charitable cause – find out who, what, why and how here.

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