An incredible pop-up by Incredible Spicemen Cyrus Todiwala & Tony Singh

Cyrus Todiwala Tony Singh Incredible Spicemen by Nitin Kapoor Indian pop-up London

Since The Incredible Spicemen aired on BBC2 last year, a significant proportion of the population has been enticed to spice up their daily bread – and indeed, many more dishes besides. When these two friends hit the kitchen together, sparks fly; and not just when a hot oil tadka accidentally bursts into flame. Under Cyrus and Tony‘s steer, cooks from all cultures now regularly fling in chopped chilli and coriander to an omelette, stick a star anise in their fruit crumbles, and have both generally and literally spiced up their lives.

Commonly dubbed ‘the Indian answer to The Hairy Bikers’, Cyrus and Tony like a big old belly laugh, and don’t feel they shouldn’t be silly whilst rustling up some seriously good grub. That’s pretty much the premise for the pair’s first pop-up, which has been anticipated as hotly as a searing vindalho and, accordingly, takes place at Cyrus’s ‘Goan canteen’, Assado, on 6th May.

You may well have a copy of the cookbook that accompanied the spicy show, but you definitely won’t have had the recipes cooked for you by their creators. The four-course feast features the bombastic-sounding, even-better-tasting ‘Honey Roast Chicken with Outstanding Roasties’; the menu served alongside fine wines designed by the House of Calem. Acknowledging the old adage ‘beer before wine, you’ll feel fine’, the evening commences with Cobra at a reception where the hosts will regale guests with tales about life, food, and quite possibly the universe.

If you’re not there, prepare to be declared square.

And in the meantime, add interest to your eating, Spicemen-style with the following fusion recipes…

Cyrus’s Leek and potato soup

Cyrus Todiwala's Leek and potato soup Good Things Magazine Indian recipe

Tony’s Baked fish fingers with a mushy pea surprise

Tony Singh baked haddock fish fingers with mushy pea surprise Tasty Liz & Max Haarala Hamilton

Cyrus’s Crab a la Goa with Caerphilly cheese

Cyrus Todiwala's Crab a la Goa with Caerphilly cheese Indian recipe Good Things magazine

Tony’s Clootie samosas

Tony Singh's Clootie samosa Indian recipe good Things Magazine

Cyrus’s Country Captain (as cooked for HRH The Queen!)

Cyrus Todiwala's Country Captain Indian recipe Good Things magazine

Tony’s Spiced buttered rum

Tony Singh's Spiced buttered rum recipe

Cyrus’s Bombay chilli cheese toast

Cyrus Todiwala's Chilli cheese toast recipe by Haarala-Hamilton

  • Tickets for the four-course dinner cost £65pp, including wines and a Cobra reception.  To book, call or email Mikel on 0207 870 3747/
  • To read a review of Tony Singh’s ‘Tasty’ cookbook, click here
  • To read a review of ‘Mr. Todiwala’s Bombay’ cookbook, click here
  • To read my Indian-inspired modern British Saints Days feature for Good Things magazine with recipes from Cyrus and Tony, click here
  • To read about Assado’s first anniversary offers and Sunday roasts, click here
  • To read more from Cyrus about Assado, click here

Image credits: Cyrus & Tony portrait by Nitin Kapoor, Bombay chilli cheese toast by Max & Lisa Haarala-Hamilton


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