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As Holi*, India’s most colourful festival, creeps ever closer, so do thoughts of all sorts of edibles you’ll be eating when you’re not gaily flinging gulal at your nearest and dearest in Cinnamon Kitchen’s pop-up pod. In order to inspire menu innovation, my gift to you on this auspicious occasion is this rainbow recipe roundup.

(*Psssst… Haven’t heard of Holi? Holy moly, where have you been? Before you dig into the dishes below, I suggest you clue yourself in by clicking here, here, and indeed here.)


Ashish Bhatia’s Rajasthani laal maas

Chef Ashish Bhatia's Rajasthani Laal maas red meat curry recipe Indian

Translating literally as ‘red meat’, this dish’s ruddy hue is due to liberal use of so-coloured chillies, whose hear is not as ‘five alarm’ as the alarming appearance indicates. Ash’s recipe suggests Kashmiri chillies as an easily-sourced substitute for Rajasthan’s Mathania chillies, yielding a deeply-flavoured, savoury stew.

…and Yellow

Anjali Pathak’s Potato and roasted peanut poha

Anjali Pathak Indian recipe Potato and roasted peanut poha

Say ‘aloha’ to poha – flat grains of beaten rice that are nice when speedily soaked then tossed up with an array of ingredients in an assemblage that’s a satisfying snack at any time of day. Anjali’s is potato-and-peanut-packed, curry-leaf strewn, and easier to incessantly pop than Pringles.

…and Pink

KO Rasoi Strawberry cheesecake falooda

KO Rasoi strawberry cheesecake falooda Indian recipe

Sanjana is quite the Mistress of the Mash-up, her fusion treats frequently blending the best of East and West. This dessert-like drink combines all the fun of falooda – rice vermicelli; slippery, cooling basil seeds; China grass jelly; rose syrup – with various cheesecake-y components: biscuits, mascarpone, ice cream and strawberries.

…and Green

Veg Recipes of India’s Hara bhara kebab 

Veg Recipes of India Dassana Amit hara bhara kebab and chutney recipe

The delectable dishes whose preparation Dassana shares on her site can make any keen recipe writer turn green with envy – quite literally in the case of these verdant vegetable patties. Served alongside an innovative green garlic chutney, they’re a treat for even the most jaded palate.


Miss Masala’s Goan Prawn Curry

Miss Masala Mallika Basu Goan prawn curry Indian recipe

Mallika Basu’s Goan prawn curry is as orange as the setting sun in that same state; albeit a little less scorching. Ever-mindful of her audience, ‘Miss Masala’ had tamed the fire of this dish without compromising the characteristic, full-on flavours – tangy with vinegar and pungent with cinnamon and cloves.

…and Purple

Cosmopolitan Currymania’s Beetroot and yogurt curry

Purabi Naha beetroot yogurt curry Indian recipe Cosmopolitan Currymania

South Indian spicing is splendid with beetroot, as exemplified by Purabi’s vibrant veggie dish. Crackled curry leaves, chillies and mustard seeds provide a fine flavour foundation, lifted by zippy ginger and a sprinkle of sugar. Choosing to use yogurt rather than creamy coconut milk imparts a tart, tongue-tickling tang.

…and Blue.

Sula Vineyards’ Blue Lagoon blue_lagoon cocktail Sula Vineyard

Blue foods are few and far between. But think ‘drinks’ and you’ll have a little more luck. Should you like to inject a little India into the tipple you’ll be sipping, this Blue Lagoon cocktail blends a duo of wines from Sula’s subcontinental vines with a good glug of tropical-sea shaded curacao.

I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow too…

KO Rasoi’s Holi cookies

KO Rasoi Holi cookies Welsh Dragon multicoloured baking biscuits

In the early nineties, tie-dyed attire marked out the savvy from the saddoes; the more multi-coloured the better. When the ice-cream van came a-calling, a Zap lolly offered an edible version of the incredible aesthetic. Fast-forward to 2015, and these rainbow-bright Holi cookies are surely the coolest treat one can eat.

Happy Holi!

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Main image: greeno777 / Foter / CC BY All other images from source blogs – click to visit the recipes!


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