Subcontinental seduction – Indian-inspired Valentine’s gifts


Indian food is sexy by nature. Tasty, too. Too tasty. The trouble with courting over curry, romancing over roti or baby-talking over biryani is that one is so easily and completely seduced by the nicely-spiced stuff that attending to their intended partner becomes an afterthought. For the Indian food lover, chowing chaat always comes before copulation.

Should you wish to add an Indian accent to your Valentine’s Day celebrations, do so through the medium of a gift with a suitably subcontinental slant; foregoing a food-heavy feast and allowing yourself to build a decent appetite for the kind of action that’s apt for the occasion…

The East India Company Kama Sutra Black Tea

Kama Sutra East India Company Black Tea

Despite the racy name, this black tea blend is all about balance, harmony and pleasure  – just like the same-named ancient text, in fact. The rose petals that marry up with sweet orange and warming spices add romance.

ANZU Indian Bangles print

Indian Bangles print ANYU

A bit of bling for the boudoir or any other room. The hand-embellished print’s original was gouache-painted by renowned Vogue illustrator Ellen McGrath – who has hand-numbered and signed each Swarovski-studded piece.

Spice Kitchen Love box

Spice Kitchen love presentation box of 9 spices

If your amour is a keen cook and a gourmet globetrotter, Spice Kitchen’s ardour-emblazoned presentation box will keep them content in the kitchen; containing 8 international spice blends and masala chai sachets.

Playful Indian Frooti Darling card

Frooti Darling Playful Indian greeting card Valentine's Day

A decidedly Desi way to tell a cutie you’re feeling ‘Frooti’. Dina Mistry’s Valentine’s card collection has a quirky card for every other half, from the big of beard to the sweet of tooth.

Mr. Todiwala’s beetroot chutney

Mr Todiwalas pickles and chutneys authentic traditional Indian

The shocking-pink shade of Cyrus’s chutney is vaguely Valentine’s-esque, and offers the giver the opportunity to trot out the terrific line, ‘I’ll beetroot to you’. It also proves you are of impeccable taste.

Sophie Hutchinson Indian stamp cufflinks

Indian stamp cufflinks Sophie Hutchinson

The majotiry of modern men dress too casually for cufflinks, but truly suave and sartorially-savvy males will always appreciate an elegant accoutrement. Should you have snared one, buy him these.

Plum Chutney Peacock Dawn Notebook

Plum Chutney Peacock Dawn Indian notebook

Because whimsical  words and poetic ponderings deserve to be thoughtfully penned on the prettiest paper, not merely hurled into cyberspace via the medium of some gadget or gizmo.

The Chocolatier Rose Petal Drinking Chocolate

The Chocolatier Aneesh Popat Valentine's Day rose petal drinking chocolate

The gauche gift of chocolate and roses gets an upgrade with Aneesh Popat’s drinkable product – which yields an irresistible puddle of rich, molten chocolate flavoured with the petals that float up to rest on its surface.

Indian Garden Company Indian Lanterns

Indian Garden Company Indian lantern pink

No, not an extra-large pair of Bollywood bling earrings; rather, jewel-like silver-coated brass garden lanterns that are hand-hewn and hand-painted by North Indian craftsmen – and are available in a rainbow of colours.

Deborah Ballinger Indian Animals Temporary Tattoos

Indian animals temporary tattoos Deborah Ballinger

Presenting a partner with a packet of these temporary tattoos is no guarantee you’ll get to apply them to a place of your choosing, but the symbolic Indian animal transfer will certainly curry favour with the quirky fashionista.

The Gluttonous Gardener Grow Your Own Indian Chef’s Garden

Grow Your Own Indian Chefs Garden The Gluttonous Gardener

Looking to covertly plant the seeds of suggestion where cohabitation is concerned? Jointly cultivating a kitchen garden comprising this spicy selection is a the first step to domestic bliss – or at least good food.

Lush Veerappan Moustache wax

Lush Veerappan moustache wax Smugglers soul

A lady – or a gentleman – shouldn’t have to suffer simply because their significant other boasts luxuriant-yet-prickly facial furniture. This sandalwood oil-inclusive, ‘Smugglers Soul’-scented wax makes a moustache sleek AND soft.

Troffle chocolates

Troffle chocolate box

Choose the ‘make your own box’ option from the South London upstarts, and fill it with Cardamom & Coriander, Saffron & Nutmeg, Orange & Cinnamon ganache Troffle truffles; all enrobed in rich 72% dark chocolate.

Lovepickle Extra Hot

Love Pickle Extra Hot

Stimulating ingredients, a name that’s very Valentine’s-apt, and, in its extra-hot incarnation, slightly suggestive. In case there was any doubt over your great taste, jar’s gold-star award label attests to it.

Rajasthani wall hangings

Pachouli Fair Rajasthani walll hangings

These intricate Fairtrade tapestries are made in the Thar desert by Rajasthani tribespeople, upcycling vintage cloth, embroidery, mirrors and beads into something that’s not only beautiful but also unique.

Plum Chutney Indian Rose mug

Indian Rose mug Plum Chutney

A hot hint that you’ll be sticking around for a cup of chai the morning after, or just a way to jazz up the kitchen? However it’s interpreted, this mug should go down a storm (in a teacup?!)

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Lead image: Mithas, Edinburgh


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    • Cyrus’s chutney and pickle range is great, Purabi – lots of game-based items and a Parsi wedding pickle too! : )


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