India’s most brilliant food bloggers

The internet is awash with food-led blogs. I should know, I run two. Whether they’re all-encompassing or, like this one and my chocolate blog, have a nice little niche, quality is key. Apparently, so are site stats, but let’s be honest; no-one who truly loves words writes in an especially efficient ‘webby’ way. I may be in the minority, but I would sooner pick my way through a piece of particularly piquant prose than click my way through complete crap.

Sadly, it’s all to easy to find oneself lost at sea when in search of a site where it’s actually pleasurable to spend a leisurely hour or five dipping in and out of posts; getting to know your host and letting them enlighten you on their chosen topic. Rock-solid recommendations are always useful – so I thought I’d open up my heart and bookmarks bar both to you, dear reader, and share with you my own selection of India’s most interesting, inspiring food blogs…

For surprising street eats and general jugaad, follow….

Chowder Singh logo


Mohit Balachandran eats where no others dare to eat, and actively and successfully encourages others to do the same. His enlightening posts on local, almost endangered specialities of diminutive Indian communities and ‘Food Maestros’ video recipe series make him worth putting on a pedestal; his jolly, jovial character means he’d much rather be amongst the masses.

Good place to start: This jauzi halwa post

For sublime street food, travel tales and restaurant critiques, follow…

Kalyan Karmakar


Kalyan Karmakar’s food-and-travel writing is inspired by Anthony Bourdain; but where he might pen similarly ponderous posts, Bandra-based, Bengal-born Finely Chopped is a little less acerbic and jolly good company at the dining table, on his revealing food walks, or simply on the screen. From his dinner dissections to his accounts of episodes of intrepid eating, it’s always nice to timepass with Kalyan.

Good place to start: This Mahim biryani walk post

For a peep into the Parsi pantry, follow…

Bawi Bride Logo


With its Iranian influence, subtle spicing, and extensive use of eggs, potatoes and meat, Parsi food is always a pleasure – but sadly simultaneously increasingly seldom-seen. Perzen Patel is not about to let it fall off the radar, reviving her ancestral recipes as the Bawi Bride – operating a food delivery service and Parsi pop-ups in Mumbai, and sharing skills and gyaan on her blog.

Good place to start: This definitive dhansak recipe

For vibrant veg recipes and authentic regional recipes, follow…


Dassana Amit

Dassana Amit’s detailed recipe posts are a dream whether you’re completely new to Indian cooking or just want to ensure the dish you’re attempting is authentic. Step-by-step photos ensure your creation comes out just-so, and Dassana has a special and rare knack for communicating  unfamiliar, oft-complex Indian techniques in a way that’s crystal-clear to Westerners.

Good place to start: The brilliant basics in the Cooking Tips section

For funky fusion, follow…



If you like a side helping of fun with your food and don’t mind deviating from absolute authenticity, you’ll probably like Purabi Naha’s culinary creations. A spell living in Hong Kong introduces all sorts of Oriental and Southeast Asian ingredients to Purabi’s pantry – inspiring creations like Coffee Cointreau chicken with curry leaves and Sweet potato chaat with chocolate-mulberry sauce.

Good place to start: This Colocasia leaf-wrapped paneer rolls recipe

Who are your favourite India-based food bloggers?

  • For more about Parsi food and Perzen Patel, click here
  • For more about Bengali food and Kalyan Karmakar, click here
  • To download Bawi Bride’s free #BestKeptSecrets: Eedu (egg) Edition ebook (including a recipe from yours truly!), click here


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  1. wow Zoe. Thank you so much for featuring me. Feeling really good. And what a great day for this to happen. Its saraswati pujo. The festival of the goddess of learning. More power to us.


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