So Hot They’re Cool:Icy Indian recipes,Part 2

KO Rasoi's paan ice cream

KO Rasoi’s paan ice cream

Just as there’s more to Indian cuisine than curry, kulfi is not the only frozen Desi delicacy. Dense’n’decadent kulfi may claim the crown, but to call it ‘king’ would be to ignore a right royal spectrum of spiced ices that are every bit as nice. Vivek Singh concurs, currently singing their praises with a menu of supercool treats at his Cinnamon Parlour pop-up.

Do you have fond memories of those long, skinny ‘Mr. Freeze’ ice poles, and their shorter, stockier counterparts, ‘Icebergs’? Did you love their lurid colours and relish the strange sensation of the strong flavours stinging your tongue? Then you will gollup India’s ice golas up by the buckletload.

If Britain is classically a cone of Cornish vanilla, then India is a sundae of every flavour, piled high with every possible topping. Flavours incorporate seasonal fruits and spices of the subcontinent. Ices are made from much-loved items like paan, chai and myriad mithai varieties.

Next time the ice cream van comes a’calling, don’t splash your cash on something to lick from a wooden stick – save your lolly and make your own popsicles by pouring a spiced fruit puree or a luscious lassi mixture into moulds. Can’t wait for it to freeze? Serve it slushy’n’semi-freddo.

It’s a rare ice-cream fiend who doesn’t get his knickers in a twist over the majesty of a Knickerbocker Glory. Falooda is every bit a feast for the senses in every sense – perfumed, pretty in pink, and most palatable.

The combination of soaked, slippery basil seeds, milk, rose syrup and long strands of rice vermicelli sounds like a culinary car crash, but once you’ve road tested the recipe, you’ll fall for it fast. Ice cream is ostensibly optional, but we all know it’s non-negotiable.

As Joey told Ross in the pilot episode of Friends, so many moons ago; ‘There are lots of flavours out there. Grab a spoon!’

You heard the man…

Indian-inspired ice creams

KO Rasoi's paan ice cream

KO Rasoi’s paan ice cream

Whether you’re feeling fruity or summer or just want more va va voom than vanilla, these incredible ices will spice up your summer.

If you lick it then you shoulda stuck a stick in it

Cosmopolitan Currymania’s Grilled green mango popsicle

A small selection of perfectly portioned, portable sweets to eat to beat the heat.

Freeze! Fro-yo, frozen lassis, sorbets & fruity beauties

Deena Kakaya’s Lychee and toasted coconut froyo

If you’re bothered about achieving a buff bikini body, make like a penguin and p-p-pick up one of these trim treats.

 High-falutin’ Falooda

Veg Recipes of India’s Falooda

Ah, falooda. That fulsome semi-beverage boasting bells, whistles and quite possibly more besides. If you’re a fan of fanfare, dive in…

Ice Ice Gola

Think of ice gola as the ultimate slush puppy. And if you’ve thought about it too much, the icy brain freeze it provides will be most welcome.

Need to cool down in London town?

Check out the kala khatta ice gola at Dishoom – a sweet-sour sensation created with kokum,
blueberries, chilli, lime, white and black salt;  and the Cinnamon Parlour pop-up at Cinnamon Kitchen, where you can get your gola licked with hard liquor.

Or  flee to ‘London-by-Sea’ for a summer sojourn in Brighton, where Boho Gelato is on offer at the Curry Leaf Cafe. Choose from beet and cardamom ice cream, mango pistachio ice cream, and coconut lime sorbet.

  • Still space in the freezer? I’ve also collated some cracking kulfi recipe here.

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